24 Hour Field Service
  • Third-Party Premium
    Thread Reps

    Independent. Objective.

    Highly experienced, trained, contracted service representatives knowledgeable across all aspects of OCTG material and connections, providing you with unmatched service.

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  • Thread Inspection & Monitoring

    Assembly, Testing, Inspection

    Visual monitoring and verification across an array of inspection types. make-ups/buck-ons, drifting, pipe body, seal rings, (hydrostatic) testing, threading, and more.

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  • Handling Tool

    Handling Plugs, X-Overs, Stabbing Guides & More

    We carry one of the most complete inventories of premium connection handling tools. 2 3/8"-13 3/8", multiple weights & connection types

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  • Tubular Cleaning, testing, & more

    Additional Services

    High-pressure cleaning and protection of your OCTG threads. We also offer Non-Destructive Wall Thickness testing for your new or used casing & tubing.

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Surpassing Expectations with extensive experience and the highest quality standards

Cole Enterprises Field Service focuses on:

  • Field experience across all Premium and API connections
  • Knowledge of all aspects of OCTG design and use
  • Proficiency in Inspection and Repair procedures for Premium and API connections
  • Strict adherance to each manufacturer's specifications for handling, running, and pulling procedures for Premium and API connections
  • Comprehensive Safety Program approved by our customers
  • Wide range of applications in ALL types of environments